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  • In the company Elezas Ltd., we are trying and we want to make you satisfied with our professionalism and rapid response with our employees and our products, in short, you’re positively surprised in line more than expected.

    Some of the key reasons for selecting company Elezas:

    • high quality and reliability of products
    • professional and technical support
    • competitive prices
    • fast response

    “Professionalism leads to quality, we are quality”


    Elezas Ltd

    Elezas – Svetovanje, inženiring in trgovina d.o.o.

    Lahova cesta 30,
    1293 Šmarje – Sap,

    Phone: +386 41 207 508

    Email: info@elezas.com
    Web site: www.elezas.com

    Transaction account (bank Koper): SI56 1010 0005 3049 004
    Tax no.: SI27425851
    Company ID number: 6528643000
    Share capital: 7.500,00 EUR

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